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What you need to know about magnets:

Magnet material comes in different thicknesses. The thicker the material, the more powerfull the magnet.
Pull force is a reading that relates to the power of a magnet. The pull force of a magnet is determined by the amount of force that would be required to break the magnet free if it was attached to a steel plate. It can be measured in lbs/sq.ft.
For example a 15 mil magnet (0.38mm) will have a minimum pull force of 40 lbs/sq.ft., whereas a 30 mil magnet will have a 85 lbs/sq.ft. pull force. This is why you really need a 30 mil magnet for your car.

Ink quality

  •  The quality of the ink will give you a better resistance in fading and a great quality in vibrant colors. We use GerberCat UV ink or Roland Eco-Sol Max2 ink who are up to 3 year outdoor durable.


  •  You can increase durability with lamination.

Take care of your magnets, they will last longer. All instructions for use and care: Click Here

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Our car magnets are made with a 30 mil thickness material.
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